Methyl fatty acid ester

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Fatty acid methyl ester is a yellow, clear and transparent liquid at room temperature, with a mild, characteristic odor, stable structure, and no corrosion. It is the raw material for a wide range of surfactants (SAA). Two major types of surfactants can be produced from methyl fatty acid esters: one is to neutralize fatty acid methyl ester sulfonates (MES) by sulfonation, and the other is to produce fatty alcohols by hydrogenation. In addition, it is mainly used in the production of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester.

In the process of producing fatty acid methyl ester, our company added the technology of winterization to separate the animal fat with high solubility in the raw oil, so as to improve the iodine value of fatty acid methyl ester and ensure the quality of fatty acid methyl ester.

Methyl fatty acid ester


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