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Plant asphalt has a wide range of applications, only as casting binder, it has a broad market prospect.

The annual output of China's foundry industry is relatively high, but this is only a quantitative advantage, the technical content is still in the low level, among which quality and environmental protection are the primary issues. At present, the binder for casting in China is mainly organic resin and inorganic binder. The former belongs to the non-renewable resources, and the use of a large number of toxic substances, serious pollution of the environment. The castings produced by the latter are high in cost and defective in quality. Therefore, the use of plant asphalt from biological materials to make casting binder has certain advantages.

Description: black viscous liquid or paste.

Index: acid value<15.

USES: casting binder, rubber softener, cement prefabricated spacer, black printing ink, asphalt coating, surface activated carbon, leather auxiliary agent and heavy fuel etc.


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