Industrial oils and fats

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"Industrial oils and fats" : the raw materials come from the by-products of food industry, catering industry and oil processing plant. The raw materials are refined by advanced processes such as filtration, deimpurity, drying and decolorization using oil refining equipment. The ingredients are a mixture of animal oils and vegetable oils. Vegetable oil mainly soybean oil; Animal oil to cattle, goat oil mainly.

"Industrial oil" is a liquid product after the winterization of industrial oils and fats. Its composition is mainly vegetable oil with low freezing point and its content is more than 95%. The fatty acid contained is mainly oleic acid and linoleic acid with freezing point of about 5℃. As a high quality raw material, it is used in biodiesel, paint, chemical industry.

"Industrial fat" is a semi-solid product after the industrial fat is winterized and separated. Its composition is mainly animal oil with high melting point, and its content is above 80%. The fatty acids contained are mainly palmitic acid and stearic acid, with the freezing point above about 45℃. Is the production of oil chemical, soap - based, stearic acid products of raw materials.

Industrial oils and fats


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