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The continuous production of biodiesel can be realized by using the production equipment independently developed by our company and the special processing technology. The key technologies: negative pressure vapor esterification process, tank group washing device, methyl ester secondary distillation process are the company's own creation, with independent intellectual property rights, compared with the traditional production process: rapid reaction, high conversion rate, energy saving and consumption reduction. Product high purity, low density, light color.


1. Sufficient combustion performance: due to its high cetane value and complete combustion, its combustion performance is better than that of petroleum-based diesel. No need to modify the diesel engine, can be directly added to use.

2. Excellent intersolubility and coagulation lowering performance: the freezing point of biodiesel in our company is 5℃. Due to the good coagulation lowering effect of fatty acid methyl ester, it can be mixed with no. 0 and no. 10 diesel oil at up to 40% without affecting the freezing point of the original diesel oil.

3. Excellent environmental protection characteristics: as the sulfur content of biodiesel is very low and does not contain heavy metals, the emission of sulfur dioxide and sulfide is very small and there is no heavy metal pollution.

4. Reliable safety performance: since the flash point of biodiesel is higher than that of petrolee-based diesel, it is relatively safe in transportation, storage and use.

5. Good starting performance and lubricating performance of cryogenic engine.

Case use:

1. As the lubricant of petroleum-based diesel oil, add less than 5% (such as Austria and Sweden).

2. As a blend component of petroleum-based diesel, blend between 5% and 30% (such as America, Czech republic and China).

3. Direct use as pure state (e.g. Germany, Italy).



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