A Visit from the Trade Union Committee of Jinhai to its Employee's Family

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The Spring Festival is approaching, and the year is cold and affectionate. On the morning of January 18, 2022, Dang Yuxin, the chairman of the labor union, and his entourage extended condolences to the elderly family members of the company's employees, bringing the company's care and love to them.


In the house of Shen Zhong, an employee of the company, when his parents received the condolences, they moved to say to Dang Yuxin: "Thank you, thank you, thank the leading comrades of Jinhai Biological for their care and love for the families of our employees." Dang Yuxin was affectionate said: "The leadership team always emphasizes that the development of the company is inseparable from the efforts of every employee, and the efforts of every employee are inseparable from the support of their families. Put your energy into the work and we should thank you.".


Every time Dang Yuxin and his entourage went to an employee's home, they would send condolences to the family members of the employees on behalf of the company, communicated cordially with the family members of the employees, inquired about their physical conditions and living conditions, and expressed their sincere thanks and New Year wishes to the family members.

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