Warm Congratulations to Jinhai on the Establishment of its Trade Union Committee

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It has been more than 10 years since the company was established. In recent years, it has developed rapidly and achieved outstanding performance, which is due to the correct leadership of the leadership team. At the same time, the working environment and benefits of employees have also been improved accordingly, reflecting the company's corporate mission of "maximizing the benefits of employees and meeting market needs". Keeping up with the pace of national policies and taking into account the company's development needs, after a long period of preparation and approval by the competent unit, the company officially established a trade union organization on January 5, 2022.

The establishment of a trade union organization by the company is a major event in corporate politics and people's livelihood. The purpose of the trade union is to safeguard the legitimate interests and rights of employees. There is such a sentence: the enterprise is the spiritual support of the employees, then the labor union is the spiritual support of the employees. The establishment of a trade union in the company is the blessing of the enterprise and the blessing of the employees.

General Manager Yang Shuping congratulated the establishment of the company's trade union, and organized members of the trade union to discuss the focus of future activities of the trade union. He affirmed the various achievements the company has achieved since its establishment, and hoped that the trade union would earnestly perform its duties and do a good job in future work. He hopes that the trade union will work with the company as the center and be the right-hand man of the superior trade union and administrative work; at the same time, it will expand its influence through activities and carry out more activities to guide employees to strengthen their learning and improve their overall quality; View, pay more attention to the work and life of employees, listen to the voices of employees, do good things, do practical things, and solve difficult problems for employees, from a long-term perspective, serve employees, stimulate their spirit, and stimulate their enthusiasm; and learn to summarize at work, Build a union image.

On behalf of the trade union, Dang Yuxin, chairman of the trade union at the organization meeting, expressed that in the future, he will resolutely implement the spirit of the instructions of the superior trade union, carry forward the "family" style, be the "mother's family" of all employees, and strive to solve problems for everyone, and live up to the leaders and comrades. of trust.


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