Congratulations to Jinhai on Winning the Title of SMEs with Features of Specialization, Proficiency, Distinguishing Characteristic and Innovation in He Nan Province

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On May 12, 2021, Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information announced the list of small and medium-sized enterprises which show the features of specialization, proficiency, distinguishing characteristic and innovation in Henan Province of 2021. Tanghe Jinhai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Jin Hai) was honored to be officially granted with this title. 


Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information is authorized to nominate companies for the title and grant the title to them if there is no objection during publicity. The companies which receive the title should meet the following requirements: standardized management, good reputation, strong sense of social responsibility, the ability of continuous innovation, advanced production and processing technology, products of top quality, a core team with professional background and great managing and operating skills, the potential of developing into a frontier enterprise in its own field, as well as some other additional conditions.


Under the leadership of the company's general manager and with the full cooperation of R&D department, marketing department, administrative department, finance department and other departments, Jinhai has successfully won this honor, which is a recognition of our company's scientific research ability, overall technical skills, managing and operating ability and an approval of our company’s strong sense of social responsibility. It is also an incentive for us and at the same time puts forward new requirements for the company's future development. 

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