Opinions of the general office of the state council on strengthening the regulation of gutter oil and the management of kitchen waste

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Guo ban fa [2010] no. 36

People's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and commissions under the state council, and institutions directly under the state council:

In accordance with the unified arrangements of the state council, all regions and departments concerned are carrying out food safety rectification work in an in-depth way, and initial results have been achieved. But there are still some outstanding problems in the field of food safety. In some places, so-called "gutter oil" refined from kitchen waste has returned to the dining table through illegal channels, bringing serious food safety risks. The public has reacted strongly to this and caused widespread concern. In order to effectively solve the problem of "gutter oil" returning to tables and effectively ensure food safety and people's health, with the consent of the state council, the following Suggestions are put forward on strengthening the regulation of "gutter oil" and the management of kitchen waste:

I. carrying out the special rectification of "gutter oil"

1. Crack down on the illegal production and sale of "gutter oil". All localities and departments concerned to "gutter oil" regulation as the important content of the reorganization of the food safety, with emphasis on the integration of urban and rural areas and urban faubourgs (, careful screening and cleaning up illegal production of "gutter oil" black sites, find out "gutter oil" raw material sources and sales channels, for the problems found throughout, in black sites shall be outlawed and crack down on relevant illegal and criminal behavior. We will focus on markets, wholesale markets and other places, and severely investigate and deal with the sale of *** and inferior cooking oil from unknown sources.

2. Strictly preventing the inflow of "gutter oil" into food production and marketing entities. In city (town), the mining area, scenic spots such as catering industry centre for key areas, with food production or small workshops, small restaurants, food stalls, hotpot restaurant and school canteen, enterprises and institutions canteens collective canteens, canteen, etc as the main object, strengthen the cooking oil purchase records and check with the ticket, from illegal channels to buy cooking oil and use of laws and regulations and the behavior of "gutter oil" processed foods. Food production and marketing entities that use "gutter oil" shall be ordered to suspend production or business for rectification in accordance with the law, until their licenses are revoked; Those suspected of committing crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs according to law and shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

Second, strengthen kitchen waste management

(1) standardize the disposal of kitchen waste. Each place should formulate and perfect the management method of food kitchen waste, require food kitchen waste production unit to establish food kitchen waste disposal management system, food kitchen waste classification and placement, achieve nissan nishiqing; Focusing on collective dining halls and large and medium-sized catering units, the installation of oil-water isolation pool, oil-water separator and other facilities; It is prohibited to dump food and kitchen waste into public waters or pour it into public toilets and household garbage collection facilities; It is prohibited to hand over food and kitchen waste to any unit or individual that collects, transports or discharges food and kitchen waste without the permission of relevant departments or on record. Livestock and poultry shall not be fed with kitchen waste not innocently disposed of.

2. Strengthening the management of food and kitchen waste collection and transportation. The unit that collects and transports kitchen waste shall have the corresponding qualification and obtain the relevant license or record. Food and kitchen waste shall be transported in an airtight manner. The transport equipment and containers shall bear the marks of food and kitchen waste and shall be clean and sound.

(3) establish a standing account system for food and kitchen waste management. Units that produce, receive, transport and dispose of food and kitchen waste shall establish a standing account to record in detail the types, quantities, whereabouts and USES of food and kitchen waste, and report to the supervision department regularly. All regions should create conditions to establish a common information platform for the generation, collection, transportation and disposal of food and kitchen waste, so as to effectively monitor all aspects of food and kitchen waste management.

(4) seriously investigating and punishing relevant violations of laws and regulations. Strengthen the investigation and confiscation of the means of transport for the illegal collection and transportation of kitchen waste, and crack down on the illegal collection and transportation of kitchen waste; Food service units that illegally sell or dispose of kitchen waste shall be punished according to law; If the internal collective dining halls (restaurants) of government organs, enterprises and institutions, schools and hospitals do not dispose of kitchen waste in accordance with the regulations, in addition to punishment, the responsibility of the person in charge of the subordinate units of the dining halls (restaurants) shall be investigated.

3. Promote the recycling and harmless treatment of kitchen waste

It is necessary to explore the appropriate technology route and management mode of food and kitchen waste recycling and harmless treatment by carrying out pilot projects, so as to improve the level of food and kitchen waste recycling and harmless treatment. The national development and reform commission, the ministry of housing and urban-rural development and the ministry of finance shall, together with the ministry of industry and information technology, the ministry of environmental protection, the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of commerce, determine as soon as possible the pilot cities for the recycling and harmless disposal of kitchen waste, formulate the measures for the management of the pilot cities, and make early arrangements for the pilot work. We should strengthen guidance for pilot cities, summarize pilot experience in a timely manner, and promote pilot programs throughout the country. We should study and improve relevant policies and measures, support the construction of recycling and harmless disposal projects for kitchen waste, actively support the development of relevant enterprises, and guide social forces to participate in recycling and harmless disposal of kitchen waste. We will do a good job in technology research and development and safety assessment of resource-based products, accelerate the establishment of appropriate policies, regulations, standards and regulatory systems, and promote the development of the industry of recycling and harmless disposal of kitchen waste. All pilot cities should attach great importance to it, strengthen leadership, formulate practical measures, improve relevant supporting policies and measures, and earnestly carry out pilot work. Other areas should also combine the local reality, draw lessons from relevant experience, and actively promote the recycling and harmless disposal of kitchen waste.

Fourth, clear division of labor, the implementation of responsibilities

(1) strengthening the main responsibility of food production and marketing entities. Food production and marketing entities should strengthen the consciousness of food safety responsibility subjects, adhere to the integrity of law - abiding operation, and earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities. It is necessary to strictly implement the production hygiene standards and operating standards, establish, improve and strictly implement the system of purchasing inspection, obtaining certificates and tickets, and *** the whole process, strengthen the inspection and testing of food raw materials, deal with problems as soon as possible and report to the regulatory authorities.

(2) establishing a system whereby the heads of cities (counties) assume overall responsibility. The city is the main source of kitchen waste, and the vicinity of the city is the main distribution center of kitchen waste collection and transportation and "gutter oil" refining. Strengthening kitchen waste management is an important part of urban comprehensive management and public service. In various areas, especially in cities to establish a "gutter oil" remediation city (county) and eat hutch waste management responsibility system, strengthen the unified leadership and organization and coordination, combined with the actual renovation scheme for preventing further formulate specific, clear work objectives and tasks, timely study and resolve the problems and difficulties encountered in the work, pays special attention to the measures to carry out the plan as a whole. The people's governments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) shall strengthen supervision and guidance on the rectification of "gutter oil" and the management of kitchen waste in their respective areas.

(3) to implement the supervision responsibilities of departments. All relevant departments shall, in accordance with their functions and responsibilities and the division of tasks for food safety rectification, carefully arrange and do the relevant work well. Business sector to strengthen the catering industry management, guide catering enterprises to operate in good faith. Quality inspection departments should strengthen supervision of food production and processing, and crack down on the illegal use of "gutter oil" processed food by food producers. Industrial and commercial departments should strengthen supervision over the operation of cooking oil in circulation and crack down on the operation of "gutter oil" and cooking oil from informal sources. Food and drug regulatory departments should strengthen supervision over catering service units, supervise the establishment and implementation of the food raw material purchase inspection and demand for certificates and tickets system, and severely crack down on the purchase and use of "gutter oil" and cooking oil from informal sources. Health authorities should work with relevant departments to strengthen risk monitoring of edible oils and improve relevant testing methods.

4. Establishing and improving a mechanism for whole-process supervision and law enforcement. All regions and relevant departments should strengthen coordination and cooperation, establish and improve the mechanism for exchanging and feedback regulatory information, the mechanism for coordinating supervision and law enforcement, and the supervision and inspection mechanism, timely inform the public of the situation, form a joint *** force, and realize the whole-process supervision of "gutter oil" and kitchen waste, so as to ensure that no hidden dangers and hidden corners are left behind.

Strengthening supervision, inspection, publicity and education

(1) to conscientiously organize supervision and inspection. All regions and departments concerned should carry out supervision and inspection step by step on the completion of targets and tasks of "gutter oil" regulation and food and kitchen waste management. To work solidly, the effect is remarkable, want to give to encourage praise. If the problem is serious and cannot be solved for a long time, the party concerned shall issue a notice of criticism, urge and urge the rectification, and hold the person in charge accountable. The contents of "gutter oil" regulation and kitchen waste management should be taken as important indicators for the of healthy and civilized cities. From September to October 2010, the food safety committee of the state council will supervise and inspect the rectification work of food safety, and conduct supervision and inspection on the rectification of "gutter oil" in various places.

2. Giving full play to the oversight role of society and public opinion. All localities should establish a reporting system with rewards, and encourage the public to take an active part in the rectification of "gutter oil" and the management of kitchen waste. Enterprises and units that have problems in "gutter oil" and food waste management should be regularly publicized to the public and included in the corporate integrity record. We should support the news media in reporting the measures, progress and results of the work in a timely manner, and expose the illegal use of "gutter oil" by catering enterprises and illegal production and sales sites.

3. Vigorously carrying out publicity and education activities. It is necessary to carry out extensive publicity and education in various forms, vigorously popularize common knowledge of food safety and relevant legal knowledge in edible oil and other aspects, guide the masses to make scientific consumption, and raise their awareness of health, food safety and environmental protection. We will strengthen education on enterprise integrity and industry self-discipline, strengthen training for employees, and raise the legal awareness and food safety awareness of food production and marketing entities, so as to create a favorable social environment for ensuring food safety.

General office of the state council

July 13, 2010

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