Knowledge of methyl oleate pesticide application

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Methyl oleate is a kind of environmental protection pesticide solvent specially developed and produced by our company for pesticide enterprises. It is a combination of synergetic and solvent advantages in one, with its obvious efficacy, low cost, non-toxic environmental protection and other characteristics, favored by the pesticide manufacturers.

Product features:

1. Environment-friendly, pollution-free, extracted from pure natural plants.

2. Safety is compatible with crops, which are not easy to produce pesticide harm, have high flash point, are safe to use and easy to store.

3. Strong permeability, can make the drug *** the fungi in the tissue or infiltrate into the insect body wall to *** pests and pathogens.

4. Strong spreading property, can increase the coverage of plants, not easy to be washed by rain, can still maintain good efficacy after rain.

5. Anti-photodecomposition, which can effectively reduce the sunlight exposure and cause degradation of active components of pesticides, and extend the validity period of efficacy to play a synergistic effect.

6. Strong viscosity, improved anti-drift, can overcome the phenomenon of reducing the effective components of pesticides due to the mineral content in water, and improve the duration of efficacy.

Product application:

Applicable to three major series of pesticides: herbicides, insecticides and fungicides can be used safely. Specific formulations are prepared according to the nature and application of the drugs by pesticide manufacturers, which are widely used in herbicides, mainly including suspension agent of nicosulfuron oil and ipromethamine cream. The series of fungicide products have been successfully tested. With the development of science and technology, environmental protection and green pesticides are gradually promoted. Methyl oleate plays an important role in pesticide industry because of its increasing share in pesticide solvent. We respect science, attach importance to technological innovation, cooperate with pesticide enterprises, good pesticide solvent.

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